The connection and friction between the human soul with its intrinsic joys and turmoil’s and its enmeshment with the physical internal and external bodily form has always fascinated me; the quirks, insecurities, shame, delights, woundedness, and dysfunction. I am especially interested in how this relationship manifests into tangible forms,

investigating human fragility in all its marvelous messiness.

I embody these thoughts through a purposeful layering, constructing and demolishing approach of painting with mixed media approaches such as silkscreen. The multifaceted complexities of such content demand equal amounts of intensity in medium and process in order to communicate effectively. The research, stories, and context inform the eventual outcome of the work and in turn, manipulating while simultaneously allowing the material to bring about its own existence;

depicting moments of climax and tension in which the viewer is required to complete the piece with their conclusion of that particular moment in time—whether this is a conscious decision or not;

is it all falling apart

or is it coming back together?