I had the opportunity to work with London based artist, curator, and editor Tash Kahn of DOLPH, a not-for-profit visual arts project and respond to their brief. In essence, it challenges the artist to create an exhibition based on “what makes you tick.”

The criteria? No finished work and to describe in a visually compelling way your process, inspirations, modes of thinking, and influences in a vulnerable, playful, and challenging way.

I created a hybrid of my domestic living space with my studio space on campus. They are physically completely separate entities as I am not able to paint on such a large scale and silkscreen at home. However, the content and meaning behind each space is exceptionally connected. My personal life is embedded in my artistic practice and vice versa. Each inform the other in healthy and dysfunctional ways.

For me, the brief was broken down into three interwoven ideas:

I. enmeshment

II. accumulation

III. organized chaos.

As I constantly am collecting ideas, remnants of my travels, art supplies, memories, and simply just stuff, I have my own messy system of documenting and organizing (if that). All these components directly and indirectly inform my work and my trajectory as an artist.